red carpet daydreams: emmy's

like many people, the only reason i ever watch award shows is to check out what everyone is wearing. what can i say, is the fashion police officer in me. i've actually been away from the US for too long to really remember what to expect from each show (the emmy's are like the oscars for tv, no?), but even so, i have to say i was really disappointed with this selection - everyone looked like they'd been dressed by a soap opera stylist.

the best:

katherine heigl, obviously - you really can't go wrong with vintage escada. however, she was the best of a bad bunch of sequin & lace prom dresses, and i don't think i'd normally be getting too excited over this. not incredibly creative and won't be remembered tomorrow.

the worst

oh, eva. normally you do so well...and the thing is, i really like this dress, but it's just far too overpowering for her tiny frame. it looks like she's playing dress-up in her mother's closet. and the shoes are much too clunky and awkward for such a statement dress. no, no, no.

if the red carpet were lucky enough to be graced with my presence, am thinking this would be my look of choice - i quite like the idea of going short and minimalist when you know you'll be amidst a sea of long jewel-toned silk gowns. would dress up with a statement ring of some sort and black patent louboutins:

Preen A/W 06 (Marcio Madiera for Style.com)

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