no pictures!

i've been feeling like a bit of a celebrity lately, and i have a feeling the recent influx of street style blogs may have something to do with it...

earlier this week, i was stopped at an art gallery event by a man with a camera who wanted to take a picture of my ankle boots, as he was working on a project about 'shoes at art galleries'...right. didn't think much of it until i spotted a telephoto lens pointed at me from across the room at dream bags / jaguar shoes a few nights later as i was putting on my vintage fur-lined trench, and then today i was stopped again outside of dover street market by another woman wanting to take a picture of my coat (different coat this time).

in an age where anyone can be a member of the paparrazi and it's not just celebrities who are in their sights, it seems as though we should be re-evaluating exactly what constitutes an invasion of privacy. i don't mind if someone asks me to take my picture and tells me what it's for - is really flattering, actually - but sudden flashbulbs from across a room feel invasive and uncomfortable, especially as it's likely the shots will be published somewhere. i am not a public figure, and therefore no one has the right to photograph me without my consent.

so, for any street-style bloggers reading this, please keep the age-old rules of common courtesy in mind when shooting - a 'please' and a 'thank you' go a long way, and will probably result in a much less grumpy-looking subject in the end.

runway report: new york

so the shows have started once again - although, doesn't it seem like they JUST ended?? - and my lunch hours for the next month will be once again spent at my desk browsing through the style.com reports and adding to my ever-growing lookbook. will try to condense my highlights of the day (or, more realistically, week) here, but will say in advance that i tend to look for interesting styling ideas more than for massive new trends.

so, on that note, the best of yesterday's shows, the first set of the week. nothing massively groundbreaking to report - seems as though menswear and exaggerated layering aren't going anywhere - but there were a couple of clever touches that made me smile:
coccoon-shaped cable cardi at yigal azrouel - i am slightly obsessed with oversized cardigans, and would wear this with leggings and a plain vest top. and am loooving the geek glasses the models all wore in this show! definitely could see this becoming a more mainstream eyewear look.

leather button-up 'legwarmers' at rag and bone - am sure there is a proper name for these, but it's escaping me at the moment...anyone?

one to watch: reiss

i've never been a huge fan of reiss - have always thought it a bit dull, a bit corporate, a bit unadventurous - and i don't think i'm alone. however, i am really impressed with their spring '07 collection, which arrived in stores this week, so much so that i actually wanted to buy almost everything i saw.

thin heather grey cotton jersey dresses with interesting pleating around the necklines...jewel-toned silk pencil skirts with big buttons up the front...oversized cardis with massive, graphic buttons styled over beaded flapper dresses...everything completely on-trend for the upcoming season, with the potential to be a staple piece of my spring wardrobe. am definitely going to be making a trip back there once pay day rolls around...