no pictures!

i've been feeling like a bit of a celebrity lately, and i have a feeling the recent influx of street style blogs may have something to do with it...

earlier this week, i was stopped at an art gallery event by a man with a camera who wanted to take a picture of my ankle boots, as he was working on a project about 'shoes at art galleries'...right. didn't think much of it until i spotted a telephoto lens pointed at me from across the room at dream bags / jaguar shoes a few nights later as i was putting on my vintage fur-lined trench, and then today i was stopped again outside of dover street market by another woman wanting to take a picture of my coat (different coat this time).

in an age where anyone can be a member of the paparrazi and it's not just celebrities who are in their sights, it seems as though we should be re-evaluating exactly what constitutes an invasion of privacy. i don't mind if someone asks me to take my picture and tells me what it's for - is really flattering, actually - but sudden flashbulbs from across a room feel invasive and uncomfortable, especially as it's likely the shots will be published somewhere. i am not a public figure, and therefore no one has the right to photograph me without my consent.

so, for any street-style bloggers reading this, please keep the age-old rules of common courtesy in mind when shooting - a 'please' and a 'thank you' go a long way, and will probably result in a much less grumpy-looking subject in the end.

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la petite fashionista said...

that's so cool that the street style bloggers have been mobbing you for pictures, but i definitely see where you're coming from, where they should get your consent first!