New Title, New City, New Beginning

If anyone is still bothering to read this, I apologize for the...er...six month delay since my last post. You know how it is - things like school, working, moving to another country getting in the way.

Long story short, I recently made the extremely difficult decision to leave London and move back to the US. It just made sense, as my money, visa, and lease on my flat were all due to run out at the same time. Plus, since I'm setting out on a totally new career path, I figured it would be easiest to do it in a place where I can work legally...

Which brings me to the new title of the blog - Maid of Melrose (sorry, David Bowie). Yes, am currently in L.A., for how long am not entirely sure - as am really an East Coaster at heart - but the opportunity came up to live here all-expenses-paid while I try to break into writing. And now that things have calmed down a bit, I'm going to give the blogging thing another try, as it's proved to be a good outlet for me to try out new ideas in the past.

So, from here on in, you can expect to see more of what I wrote about in the past, but with a distinctly L.A. slant - the fashion industry is really starting to grow out here, and I already have a massive list of new shopping destinations, trends, designers and more to tell you all about. So watch this space, and I promise you won't have to endure another half-year wait for new material again..!


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