WTF: Fashion Calling?

In the ultimate branding exercise, the L.A. Fashion Awards team have created an official ringtone for this year's event. Am not entirely sure what rationale is behind this, especially as it's not really an event paid any attention by anyone other than local fashion insiders - is not as though it's the Oscars or anything, and is not really targeted towards the pre-teens who normally download ringtones. Perhaps is a way of giving loyal followers a chance to make the event last longer than one night, giving them a reminder of the festivities long after they've passed? Who knows.

Either way, the main problem with it is just how awful the tone is - I mean, the stock ringtones that come with most phones are on the same level as this. It reminds me of a theme song attached to one of the Saturday morning NBC teen shows back in the early '90s - think California Dreams, Name Your Adventure, Saved by the Bell, et.al.

The tone can be downloaded here if you're curious...


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