oh, roland

know i'm a bit slow on the uptake with this one, but i couldn't let a travesty such as this go without saying something.

WHAT was roland mouret thinking when he unveiled these potato sacks posing as dresses the other week? the belted one is at least slightly wearable - if not made from a scratchy material that really does not justify the 80GBP price tag - but the smocks! oh, the smocks! the girls in the above photos look like they should be wearing rubber gloves and armed with a bottle of window cleaner - housekeeper chic, perhaps?

i think if it were any other designer, i wouldn't have been as disappointed - but when i first heard roland mouret was going to be designing a line for gap, i was hoping that his impeccible tailoring and knack for making the most out of the female figure would come into play in some way - these shapeless bags seem like such a waste of his talents.

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