One to Watch: Esartia Jewelry

As the cliche goes, one man's trash is another's treasure - a phrase which jewelry designer Khatia Esartia takes literally in her eponymous jewelry line.

After putting together her avant-garde leather graduate collection for the Art Institute of Chicago's fashion school, Esartia was faced with a mound of leftover leather scraps. But rather than relegate them to the Dumpster, she decided to reuse them by creating a series of rings and necklaces adorned with gems, jewels and ribbons. These pieces were such a hit with buyers that they evolved into a full-fledged jewelry line, one which is a little bit glam rock, a little bit romance, and totally eco-friendly.
Recycling has never been so chic.

Esartia available at EM & Co, 7940 W. Third St., www.emandco.com

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